Mr Paul Xavier - How To Scale A 7-Figure Video Production Company

Mr Paul Xavier
I was able to cut out over six disconnected services by powering my business with PaidToday! It's amazing how much of difference it makes to have everything in one place.
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This course and knowledge based business model utilizes some of the more advanced paidtoday features. From online booking, all the way to the final signature agreements and everything in between.

Powered by PaidToday

  • Gain Trust
  • Show Credibility
  • Increase Revenue by Providing Higher Quality Customer Service
Businesses using PaidToday Business Operating System are more organized, responsive, efficient, and provide a higher level of customer service when it comes to doing business. The (powered by PaidToday) badge is a symbol of these attributes and your customers will see that.


  • Create, Sell, & Purchase Products
  • Discount Offers
  • Full Sales & Purchase Reporting
  • Secure Guest Checkout
E-commerce is not only booming right now, it’s a requirement for almost every business. At the very least even if you're main business model is service-based, think about supplemental Products that could really provide value for your clients that your business could offer or bundle with your existing services. If you’re in the business of selling either digital or physical Products & Services already, this feature is for you.

Custom Forms

  • Custom Forms Tailored to Process
  • Automatically Inserted into Contact File
  • Shareable & Embeddable
Adding prospect forms on your website can eliminate costly data entry time and convert that into more productive work and billable hours. If your business likes to stick to tradition, you can easily go through an internal-facing custom form and fill out the form as you're chatting with your customer to give them a more personal touch to your on-boarding process. Our forms can also be used for tailored sales funnels that kick off with a free download or mini-course.


  • Collect Online Signatures
  • Track & Record Signed Documents
  • Easily Integrated with Contracts & Agreements
Getting a signed contract, agreement, or mutual policy acceptance can be crucial to maintaining your business’s integrity. Providing protections for all parties and clearly establishing what is expected from both customer and business will help keep the customer happy and informed because they have will have clarity for their project and how it will be handled.

Customer Portal

  • Customer Sign In
  • Professional Presence
  • Transparency
Customer advantages:
  • Full Payment History
  • Automatic Reminders for Invoices & Upcoming Payments Due
  • Project Collaboration
  • Track All Interactions
Member portals allow your customers to see and track all of their interactions with your business. Elevate your business by giving your customers transparency so they can clearly see when they made payments, received a new invoice, messaged you, or scheduled an appointment.


  • Create Courses
  • Sell Course Access
  • Upload Coursework Material
  • Use Free Courses to Prospect
Selling what you know is a great way to provide value to your customers by using your expertise. More and more people are looking to expand their knowledge base and are always looking for current updated content to digest. Courses can even be used as a free or low-price tool for expanding your prospect pool!

Online Booking

  • Take Appointment & Booking Requests
  • Confirm or Reschedule Requests
  • Automatic Reminders
  • Share to Google Calendar
With online booking added to your website, both incoming prospects and returning customers can easily schedule an initial call, strategy session, in-person appointment, or even a go-live date for a specific product. Accept or reschedule (or deny) the event request, while automatically adding the appointment directly to the contact and to your PaidToday Event calendar.


  • Improve Customer Service Relationships
  • Assist in Customer Retention
  • Drive Sales
  • Manage Sales Pipelines
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the combination of:
  • Contact Management
  • Customer Journey & Sales Process Tracking
  • Analytics & Customer Intelligence
Manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer life-cycle, from prospect to repeat purchase and referrals. A must for every business, the PaidToday CRM is also a great collaborative tool to manage your contacts no matter the size of your team.

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